Friday, June 5, 2009

9.4% Really Means 12%

Official national unemployment published rate 9.4%. We all know that really means 12%.
Bernanke is giving early warning signals of trillion dollar a year deficits and (oh what a surprise) long term interest rate increases, and this means (read between the lines) Inflation folks. Meanwhile Geitner is overseas being laughed at by the Chinese as he tries to convince him our T-bills are still good.

The hard edge of this recession looks like it hasn't arrived yet, but here it comes. As if things weren't hard enough out there. Here in California the governator has announced that "the wallet is empty" with plans to cut summer school, home care for the elderly, all welfare, work fare and food stamp assistance programs and who knows what else. What will out of work people do when they can't even get food stamps? Time to clean your gun.

California only needs 24 billion or so Washington, can't we siphon a little of that tarp money off to save a whole state? GM got 30 billion for God sakes. California is looking at being bankrupt by July-and oh yes, water rates just doubled as well as car registration fees. Thank you legislators.

Where are the jobs? Time for some 'New Deal/WPA projects. San Diego needs a near-shore airport extension, California could use an aqueduct from water rich Washington State, what about the wind power grid? Let's get something going already big O.

In the mean time, jobs will more than likely be created slowly, as they always have from the innovative entrepreneurial fabric of of real Americans starting or running small businesses. Look around my fellow gringoes. There are lots of needs that need fulfilling on a local basis. I recently ran into a guy who had started a business cleaning out foreclosed houses to get them ready for auction. I was sorry to hear that he was as busy as he could be.

Monday, May 18, 2009

HOLD THE PRESSES- Let's hear it for the SBA! Small Business Financing Programs


The Small Business Administration is taking a risk on American Small Business- rather than twitchy banks. Under the new program announced today, small businesses can get a 6yr 0% (that's interest free) loan for up to $35,000. specifically targeted to small businesses that are in a little bit of trouble but can show prospects of coming out of it.

I hope they have more than 1 person to answer their office phone.....

Now this feels like real relief!

Great Job SBA!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We're doing our large-scale Recession Expo Tour Kick Off in downtown San Diego at the Embarcadero- Holiday Inn On The Bay. ALL DAY FREE

We'll ave 32 Recession Help workshops
150 Exhibitors
Govt. leaders
National Speakers
and more..

Bring the family downtown to the beautiful San Diego Downtown Embarcadero. We'll be based out of the Holiday Inn Ballroom and conference center- rigt acros the street from the Star of India Tall Ship.

San Diego Downtown Embarcadero
Holiday Inn On The Bay
Doors Open at 8:30am
Recession Help Speakers - Exhibitors - Workshops - Leaders

The Time For Recession Help Is Now

Flawed Bank Bailouts, Job Cuts, Companies and Industries Closing Doors, Consumer Spending at an All Time Low-- times are tough and getting tougher. We all know it.

On Sunday June 28, San Diego will reach out to help those affected by the Recession. Families, Businesses, the Unemployed-- everyone who needs help will find resources, aid, assistance and information to help take the edge of this increasingly severe global economic catastrophe.

The Recession Help Expo will feature 15 categories with workshops, resources and information for each.
Assistance Programs
We will feature county assistance, state assistance and local programs that help everyone from the homeless and single mothers to the recently unemployed and veterans. The County of San Diego Health and Human Services, The Employment Development Department, The Public Utilities Commission, The American Red Cross and numerous charity organizations will connect everyone who qualifies with the many benefits these organizations offer from food stamps to unemployment insurance.

Jobs and Work
Job Giant, San Diego Online, Job Search and Listing Companies, Resume Help, Career Centers, Employers and Recruiters will make this expo an event not to be missed if you are looking for work now.

Household and Family
Inexpensive food resources, thrifty home management, savings on utilities, telephone and energy, and resources to save money at home will be featured including many ideas and resources you may not have considered.

Consumer credit and debt elimination help, refinance options, bankruptcy information and good banks will be included.

Career retraining, Hot job training programs now, State sponsored tuition help, student loan financing, evening and online adult education programs, vocational and technical schools and programs.

Save Your Home
New loan options, latest government legislation, mortgage help, mitigation and short sale questions and answers

Investing Now
Gold, Hedges, Transferring 401ks when your laid off, options and strategies when we've found the bottom.

Survival and Protection
Hard core issues such as self defense, arming your households, stockpiling, food storage, and emergency preparedness

Lightening your economic footprint, grow your own food, use free energy, connect with your community, reuse-recycle, macro trends and how they will affect you.

Retirement Options
Advantages you can take, real estate in Mexico, going back to work, protecting what you have, tax strategies

Getting around for less, public transit, the best cheapest most efficient cars, scooters, bikes, and peds, ridesharing, car sharing, state sponsored car insurance

Staying Healthy
De-stress and reduce anxiety, Alternative treatments, lower cost medical in Mexico, time to review your health insurance,

Low Cost Fun
Recreation is a vital element of a decent quality of life. Figuring out how to have fun for less will include best cruise deals, local parks, getting on the water, best deals on local amusements, low cost dining, good deals on spas and hotels and much more.

A large percentage of our San Diego community is Hispanic. Our intention is to have elements of each track represented in Espanol.

Small Business/Entrepreneurial
New Jobs now will have to be created. Starting a business, empowering women in business, buying a franchise, incubating ideas, effective marketing and getting connected to the WWeb will all be covered.

The Recession Help Expo needs your participation and attendance. If you have something to offer this event, we want to include you to help everyone who attends.
Contact us to reserve an exhibit table, propose a workshop, organize a demonstration or appear as a speaker.

Bart Allen Berry

Contact us at if you'd like to be involved.

It's The Jobs Stupid!

No amount of fancy accounting will change the fact that there will be less income tax revenue this year. No jobs, means no tax revenue, means less in State and Federal piggy banks to spend.

Now that banks have a little more solvency they are naturally reticent to repeat the wide open lending practices of the past (even if we let them). Problem is, with more stringent requirements on lending, few families have the balance sheet they need to qualify for a new home, or for many- to qualify for a refinance.

While our money is being spent by the federal government at a frenzied pace one can only wonder where the money to pay all this back will come from if unemployment levels continue at present rates- or get worse. There are few good jobs out there.

In my book the number one stimulus priority needs to be creating jobs. We need to be planting seeds now- small business stimulation (the traditional heart of our economy), investment in targeted industries where America can rise as a world market leader or at least supply our own domestic economy, and trade re-negotiations to bring some of those jobs back home or at least make it more expesive to take the few jobs we have left offshore.

Everyone is counting on the resurgence of the American economic engine and it will surely happen-- eventually. Our creativity and innovation are unstoppable forces, but they could sure use a little help getting off the runway right now. We can bootstrap our way back to economic prosperity as we have done in the past- but some true strategic thinking would go along way towards speeding this up right now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1st In The Nation Recession Survival EXPO

WOW- what an event. 20 speakers, exhibitors, food drive, and lots more. It took alot of energy but we pulled of the first one. Learning alot from this event, we've decided to do a seven city Recession Expo tour- Here are the dates and areas:

May 30 San Diego California

June 27 Los Angeles California

July 25 San Francisco California

August 8 Chicago Illinois

August 29 New York City, New York

September 26 Washington DC

We're taking HereToHelp.US and te Recession Help Expo on the road!

Come join us at one of these great recession outreach events. Stay tuned at for more details.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enough Already! Let's Do Something About It! INTRODUCING THE RECESSION SURVIVAL EXPO MARCH 21 at The Del Mar Hilton- San Diego California

March 21, 9:00am to 5:00pm
Del Mar Hilton Doors Open at 8:30am

Guiding Philosophies and Values at the Heart of This Event:
We can do more than just wait for the Federal government to bail us out-
We Can Help Each Other.

America is such a generous country. There’s an awful lot of help and assistance out there- connecting people to it can take the hard edge off this recession right now, while we buy time to implement some smart new ideas.

Entrepeneurialism, will, creativity and drive have always been the real assets of America. It’s time we exercised those muscles again to restore the small-business heart of the American economy.

There is no doubt that this recession is happening. We’re all going to have to adjust and change- so we might as well get started.

San Diego County Housing Commission
San Diego Parks and Recreation
North County Community Resource Center
San Diego County Water Authority
County of San Diego Assistance Programs
Sign On San Diego Job Search Resources –Union Tribune
Well Point- Healthy Families/AIM program

(See speaker bios at HereToHelp.Us Recession Survival Resources Web Portal)

Opening Session:
Bart Allen Berry, Author Of “How We Will Endure—Values, Strategy and Leadership In The New Recession. Bart will also moderate the event.

Feature Speakers:
(seating is limited for these popular presenters - RSVP at HereToHelp.Us )

David Burke, Founder of The Real Talk Network- Consumer and Mortgage debt is Strangling America- Find out how Dave’s best practice innovative debt reduction techniques and approach can have all your debt paid off in 5-7 years – no kidding. New and fresh approaches will help you free up cash flow, accelerate your payments and kill your debt fast. Your situation IS salvageable. Don’t worry, Dave has seen everything. Bring it.

Conrado Hinojosa, Esq. is a Bankruptcy Specialist with The Doan Law Firm who have handled more than 20,000 bankruptcy cases. Find out the pros and cons of bankruptcy, debt collections and garnishments, impacts from foreclosure, Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, Lien Stripping and more. Questions are welcome.

Teresa Penunuri, San Diego County Water Authority. On top of everything else, there is a water shortage coming. Get ready for your rates to double in some areas. Take the 20 gallon challenge and learn new techniques for not only saving water, but how to reduce your water bill before it goes up.

John McConnin, Esq., attorney, real estate broker will present the Anatomy of A Short Sale, dangers and pitfalls, benefits and relief. No one starts out with the short sale in mind but if you have to do it, learn all you can. Distressed mortgage holders need to hear this before they make their decisions.

Blanca de La Torre. Cross-Border Promotion. Blanca will share an insider’s view of consumer money saving opportunities across the border, cheaper medical care in Mexico, and promotion of low-cost manufacturing at over 1000 NAFTA world-class facilities that are ready for American ingenuity and creativity to compete with products made in China. Want to manufacture something again?

Irka Davis, Principal, Baja Bungalows will present the opportunities for expat living a few hours south of the Border with a high quality of life on the coast and much lower overhead. As an active retiree, a senior who needs support but can’t afford high priced care in the US or just someone who wants to ‘wait it out’, the fun loving enclave of hundreds of who have been there for thirty years or more. are happy to tell you about one of the best decisions they ever made.

James Brady, principal, Home Loan Preservation. Learn what best practice looks like from the loan mitigation experts working on the front lines nationally. As the moving target of bank behavior, new Federal programs and refinance policy continues to confuse and befuddle, this ‘white hat’ champion of ethical behavior will give you straight answers, insights into what banks are really doing, and guidance for what you might expect from the mortgage work-out process.

Richard Manning, California Department of Insurance- State Sponsored Low Cost Auto Insurance. Learn how you can reduce your car insurance to as low as $265. per year! The State came up with this? You bet. Real relief in the wallet right where you need it.

Sharon Lieder, Strategic Consultant Organizations of every size have sustained traumatic losses of long-time employees and organizational memory, market share and commercial relationships, and are holding things together with duct tape. What will it take for an organization to create a healthy culture and a commitment to quality, success and excellence.

Joe Emmet, Marketing veteran. Out of a job? It may be time to look at a part-time business. Joe will moderate a lightening-round of two minute presentations from some of the best network marketing companies out there. This will be fun and you might be surprised.

Erika Rooks, San Diego Housing Commission. Recently awarded Federal dollars for neighborhood revitalization, this new Housing Commission administered program reaches out to foreclosed properties to stop deteriorization of neighborhoods. The housing has also been administrating a range of low income housing programs for many years and will explain how these programs work for those who may be looking at them for the first time.

Simon White, CEO of Online Marketing Profiles. Answering the need of the newly unemployed, but non-web programmer, Simon will cover the minimum core essentials of getting yourself established as a ‘web-entity’ to launch your home business, your new consulting business, or as a way to leverage the WWW network to get yourself found by employers. Social Media Networking, keywords and search optimization, basic functionality and multi-media and more will be covered fast. Plan to take notes and talk to him afterwards..

Center For Sustainable Energy. Got a high electricity bill? Who doesn’t? Cut it.
Learn all of the things you can do to save on that regular monthly bill- and help the planet in the process.

Steven King of Pacific Rim Wealth Management. Invest Now? Where and How? Index funds, gold, T-bills, munis, dividends, the mattress? Where can I put my money today? Have we hit the bottom? Steve will share some logic and clear thinking about your money in these troubled times.

Harlan Friedman. SBA loan specialist. Is there still money out there for my small business? Although conditions for lending have changed here are still program available including the Obama administration’ s micro-finance option for loans of $5,000. to $35,000. Conditions are tighter but the door is still open.

3:00pm Panel Discussion: Economic Stimulus in The San Diego Region-
Is there one BIG IDEA for San Diego that will stimulate growth, jobs, investment, opportunity and economic activity?

Could San Diego lead the country as the first major city to embark on a 21st century project that turns this recession on it’s head?

We think so. We’ll share our ideas - you share yours. Vote on the one you like the best.

Food Drive. Everybody bring something. Cans or dried goods and we will re-distribute to those who need it at the expo. If there’s any left it goes to the North County Community Resource Center. Loaves and Fishes anybody?

Frugal Ideas and Cheap Fun. This interactive session will give everyone a chance to share their best living-thrifty ideas from cooking and car mechanics to cheap travel and buying in bulk. Bring your ideas to share and we will create a giant comprehensive resource list at the web portal to be shared with the entire world.

Hanna Badura, holistic practitioner and spiritualist, will lead an uplifting meditation to release stress and anxiety in these troubled times, and to project positive feelings of hope and compassion for the days ahead.

Transcendence Theater Company will be performing recession oriented vignettes and whatever else they want in the expo area. We don’t know exactly what they are going to do…

12 Year Old Rock Band-special appearance. Will play the expo as their first gig. They’re practicing furiously now. They may have to make it big and take care of Mom and Dad. We’ll see how they do.

Each attendee will get a 50 question recession survival self-assessment and recession planning guide, as well as thousands of additional recession resource links at the HereToHelp.Us Recession Survival Web Portal.

Congressman Bob Filner
City Councilwoman Marti Emerald
Supervisor Ron Roberts
Weatherman Gardener Guy Loren Nancarrow
Consul General Mexican Consulate
Father Joe Carroll

Exhibitor Area
Features one on one consults, in depth questioning with presenters and exhibitors.

Forms and qualification for various programs such as Cal works/Food Stamps,

All kinds of job search resources including registration for upcoming career fairs.

Grow your own vegetable garden and feed yourself-even on a micro scale.

We’re adding more daily-

Remember this event is absolutely free.. and everyone is invited.

Interested Exhibitors/Sponsors 760-815-4527
Businesses of all kinds are encouraged to donate to the food drive.

Monday, March 2, 2009

AIG...Thirty Bil Mas?

OK Ok, some of you are thinking-- wouldn't it just be cheaper to start a new company instead of flushing another thirty billion with a 'B' down this cesspool?

At what point do you stop trying to resuscitate the diseased tree and spend the money on growing some new ones?

The scary part is not that the new Treasury department guy doesn't know what he's doing, or the possibility that he's in collusion with the same old boys club-- the truly terrifying thing is that these are intelligent people making really well-informed decisions and THERE WILL BE SOME TRULY CATACLYSMIC REPERCUSSIONS if we don't pump in another 30 billion. No Senate hearings, no open discussion- they all just agree that WE HAVE TO DO THIS..!!!

Damn. That means you might actually have a heart attack if you saw their balance sheet.

What I want to know is---Who were the specific individuals who let things get this bad-? Where do they live? Why aren't they in prison? If we aren't due for any financial relief, maybe we can get some emotional release by seeing these guys get keel hauled.

And oh yeah, The DOW dipped below 7000 today (not far to go for a loss of 50% of the DOW from it's historical highs).